Apple Helps To Fix MacBook 12 Setup Assistant Problem

macbook 12 setup assistant problem

Due to Apple support documents, MacBook 12 setup assistant problem appears when users setting up their new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display. These users met with MacBook setup loop in Mac’s Setup Assistant. In certain cases Apple’s support documents claims that the system stalls for up to 30 minutes before moving forward. It appears the […]

How to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 8 and Unlock iPhone 5S / 5 on iOS 8

iOS 8 jailbreak iPhone 5s Guide

If you are looking for Tethered Jailbreak iPhone 5S / 5 on iOS 8 Guide you’ll be happy and upset at the same time. Why happy? You can jailbreak iOS 8 firmware using three different programs and succeed with any of them. They are easy to use, run fast and install Cydia in no time. […]

Get The Updated Google Chrome For iPhone [Download]

download Google Chrome for iPhone second

You can now download Google Chrome for iPhone, as it has just received an update, bringing in a completely redesigned UI with Material Design elements together with few new features. The update brought the version 40.0.2214.61. The updated Chrome 40 brought the flat-looking Material Design elements together with a revamped user interface. The app packs […]